2022 Ambulatory centre, Hospital Vall d’Hebron
2021 Can Garcini
2021 Mas de Roda Offices
2021 Tàpies Workspace
2020 New territorial headquarters of the Urban Guard
2019 “La Model” prison
2019 CEM Artesania
2018 Casa de la premsa
2016 Three L9 metro stations
2016 Picasso-Romànic Exhibition
2014 Barcelona French Lycée
2013 Picasso Museum’s Annex Building
2013 Atelier for the painter Arranz Bravo
2011 European Museum of Modern Art, Gomis Palace
2011 Museum for the Francisco Godia Foundation
2009 El Molí, Arranz Bravo
2009 29 Unconventional dwellings
2007 Opera Garden Hotel extension
2006 Temporary exhibitions at the Hall National Art Museum of Catalonia
2006 Arranz Bravo Foundation
2005 Cultural Center of Círculo de Lectores
2001 24 Apartments and commercial premises in Carrer de Carders
2000 Picasso Museum
1998 Egyptian Museum of Barcelona
1996 Secondary School in Roda de Ter
1995 Maso Camacho House
1995 Agora Jordi Rubió i Balaguer
1993 Cinema and theater IMAX
1989 Olympic Pavilion in Vall d’Hebron
1989 Plaza Hotel
1987 Reorganization Plaça Molina
1985 Multifamily housing in Mollet
1984 House in Alella
1979 Museum of Science of Barcelona
1978 Multifamily housing in Pi Molist
1974 Sylvestrina Lamp
1971 Access and ventilation towers of an underground water tank
1970 Socrates Bench